Les Atelier Ruby

Les Atelier Ruby are, by far, the benchmark for the best and most handsome of all “classic” helmets. They are one of a kind and this for two simple combined reasons. First, for their high end construction materials together with their incredibly comfortable snug fit and of course for their renown unique design and remarkable attention to detail and finish.

Multiple layers of carbon fibres and Kevlar fully cover the outer shell using aerospace developed technology. The colour detailing, final glass finish and polish are simply outstanding .
The inner shell, with its double density, offer an amazing comfortable snug fit, while their incorporated ventilation ducts enable air to circulate efficiently between the forehead and the back of your head.
A high quality beautifully stitched Napa leather covers the outer surface.
The fabric used for the lining is Aegis-treated for the best antibacterial result.
A truly great looking and feeling helmet offering the highest level of protection in full compliance with the European helmet safety legislation and rules, with CE and ECE approval.
In two words the Rolls Royce of classic motorcycle helmets.
Come to “Legendary Motocycles” to try out your size and choose, among 6 well measured and balanced sizes, the perfectly comfortable snug fit for your precious head.
Click on the picture and enjoy the beautiful colour combination choices offered exclusively by “Les Ateliers Ruby”. Enjoy!